Selling Tips

The aim of Ray White Port Stephens is to always achieve the highest premium sale price in the quickest possible time with minimal stress to the vendor.

For assistance to the agent from the vendor, we believe some minor enhances can be of maximum return to the vendor.

  • Less is more – less furniture or clutter will make rooms look far more spacious.
  • Presentation needs to be clean and inviting, people want to see whole kitchen bench tops, inside most storage cupboards, clean bathrooms and garage space. Make a statement of how well your home has been looked after. Best presentation could deliver better offers.
  • Cleanliness in kitchens, especially ovens need to be in immaculate order, dishwashers the same, bathrooms and laundry pristine and spotless, lawns and gardens well maintained, remember the less work the buyer sees in your property the better connection they will have, hence better offers.
  • The carpet with a steam clean could look as near new, less cost to the buyer and more money to offer on property. Please don’t think new carpet, you will never second guess what a buyer will want. We have seen new carpet ripped up before, a costly exercise may make no difference to sale price, let the buyer choose what they want at their expense. Reduce your changeover costs.
  • The roof and guttering should be clean and free of any leaking. Building inspectors are very thorough with their reporting on this. Complete any little tasks which could impress the building inspector i.e. steps stabilising, eve repairs, window repairs, etc.
  • Remove any timber or rubbish from around property, pest inspectors doing pre-purchase inspection always look for increase risk of termite invasion. This has been the core reason for many sales to fall-over. When we find the right buyer at the best price do not give them any reason to not proceed.
  • First impressions – driveway cleaned and front yard presentation enhanced, remember more buyers means more competition equals better sales price.